Saturday April 15th - 6pm to 8pm - With Kenneth Charles Day, I'll be exibiting some work at our show "Reclamation/Reclaimed" at the Smith Zone Exibition Space, 2422 Lakeshore Blvd West.

Saturday April 17th -10 AM until 5 PM, Sunday April 18th - 10 AM until 4 PM - My studio will be open at the 2010 Tour of Art!

Nov 23, '09 - I'll be part of Art Trax Gallery's Christmas Gala, showcasing my artwork alongside more than twenty other established artists from across Canada. The show, running from 6pm - 10pm on Thursday December the 10th, will feature our artwork, live music, and refreshments. Hope to see you there!

Aug 15, '09 - My show at Impressions has been extended until August, 19th so make sure you come down to check it out!

I'm also showing 3 pieces at the Square Foot show, "AWOL Gallery presents Square Foot 2009, a dynamic annual art exhibition, which showcases the work of hundreds of local and international artists. The Square Foot show has become one of the foremost community art events in Toronto. With each artist creating work in a 12x12 inch format, the show is hung in a grid forming an installation of overwhelming proportions. Each year the Square Foot Exhibition has grown in scale and reached a larger audience. This year's exhibition will be held at a larger off site venue. Located at 100a Ossington, just steps from AWOL Gallery. This 2,500 square foot room will be transformed into AWOL's largest square foot show to date, showcasing over 700 artists from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Australia.

Square Foot brings together artists from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines and career levels and offers their work at $200 per piece. It provides the established artist a distinctive group show opportunity and is also a venue for emerging artists to have their work discovered by galleries and collectors alike."

May 26, '09 - This May 31st 2009 I'll be at "Hidden Lounge | Can You Keep A Secret?" with some of my artwork to help celebrate their one year anniversary! Tickets for the event will cost $15.00, and its recommended you RSVP to secure a spot!

"Come and celebrate with us, enjoy a stimulating evening of local artists showcasing their various talents, and as always you will be enticed by our Chef's finest selection of hors d'oeuvres."